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Local Programs

Local Programs / About Local Programs

About Local Programs

  • Local Programs works directly with local agencies and municipalities to bring to life, administer and manage projects which are funded by the Local Agency Program (LAP) and State Funded solicited and non-solicited programs. These programs include:
    • Local Agency Program (LAP) – Federally funded projects constructed by Local Agencies and monitored by the Department.
    • SCRAP (Small County Road Assistance Program), SCOP (Small County Outreach Program), CIGP (County Incentive Grant Program) – State Funded Solicited Programs. Local agencies are asked yearly for a list of priority projects which is then vetted by the Department and funded based on need.
    • TRIP (Transportation Regional Incentive Program), EDTF (Economic Development Transportation Fund), RBA – State Funded non-Solicited Programs. Coordination between Local Agencies/MPO’s and Central Office for projects that help improve economic development.
  •  Other functions that are performed in the Local Programs include:
    • Locally Funded Agreements (LFA) – Local agencies provide funding to the Department to include work they want done on a project the Department is constructing.
    • Maintenance/Transfer Agreements (MA) – Agreements made between the Department and Local Agency for permanent features that are constructed off the state highway system or permanent features a local agency wishes to construct on the state highway system.
    • Invoicing – Local Programs is responsible for tracking and processing invoices from the local agencies.
    • Field Reviews – Periodic reviews of Local Agency projects to ensure projects are being constructed according to plans and the relevant standards.