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Contact Us

Odette Struys
(904) 360-5582
You can contact Odette Struys about the following projects:

Amelia Island Resurfacing from Shave Bridge to Centre Street
I-95 Overland Bridge Replacement
Interstate 10 and Interstate 95 Operational Improvements
Overland Landscape Project
Philips Highway at Reba and Putnam Avenues Signal Work
State Road A1A widening from Rubin Davis Lane to O'Neill Scott Road
State Road A1A/State Road 200 DDI I-95 Reconstruction Project
U.S. 1 Improvements Project from Alligator Creek to South of Hilliard Nassau County

Bianca Speights
You can contact Bianca Speights about the following projects:

Airport Road at I-95 interchange improvements
Alachua/Putnam County Line to County Road 315 Transportation Improvements
Baldwin Bypass
Beaver Street (U.S. 90) Improvements from Stockton Street to Ocean Street
Edison Avenue Bridge over McCoy’s Creek Replacement Project
I-10 at U.S. 301 Improvements
I-295 Bridge Painting Project from I-10 to Trout River Boulevard
I-95 at J. Turner Butler Boulevard interchange improvements
Kings Road (S.R. 15) resurfacing from Cleveland Street to Martin Luther King J.R. Parkway
Lem Turner Road (S.R. 115) resurfacing from I-95 to Soutel Drive
May Street Drainage Improvements
Ortega River Drawbridge at S.R. 211
Pecan Park Road (S.R. 243) Reconstruction and Widening from I-95 to Lexington Park Boulevard
Resurfacing Improvements on I-295 (SR 9A) from Trout River to Biscayne Boulevard
Ribault River Bridge replacement on Howell Drive
San Marco Avenue, West San Carlos Avenue and May Street Intersection Improvements
State Road 10 at Empire Point Boulevard traffic signal upgrades
State Road 100 Rail Trail - Roberts Lane to St. Johns River Water Management District office
State Road 111 (Edgewood Avenue) Resurfacing
State Road 19 Resurfacing – south of SR 20 to SR 100
State Road 20 Widening – Alachua County Line to SW 56th Avenue
State Road 20 Widening – East of US 301 to Putnam County line
State Road 207 crossroads trailhead construction
State Road 207 Rail Trail — Hastings to Spuds
State Road 207 Rail Trail — Putnam County to Hastings
State Road 5A (San Marco Ave) Resurfacing
State Road 9B construction from I-95 to County Road 2209
State Road 9B construction from U.S. 1 to I-95
State Road 9B from Philips Highway (U.S. 1) to the I-295 East Beltway
State Road A1A Bridge of Lions Painting
State Road A1A traffic signal upgrades – PGA Tour Blvd. to Ponte Vedra Lakes Blvd.
U.S. 1 resurfacing from Edgewood Avenue to Trout River Blvd
U.S. 17 Widening – Horse Landing Road to Dunn’s Creek Bridge
US 1 Sidewalks from Northrup Grumman Entrance to Stokes Landing Road

Debbie Delgado
You can contact Debbie Delgado about the following projects:

Hammond Boulevard/I-10 Interchange Landscaping
SR 116 (Wonderwood Drive) Drainage Phase 2 – Wompi Drive to Gately Road

Troy Roberts
You can contact Troy Roberts about the following projects:

Archer Road resurfacing in Gainesville
Bridge Replacement on County Road 14A in Taylor County
Bridge replacement projects in Cedar Key
Cedar Key Bridges replacement project
FDOT resurfacing of U.S. 301 in Bradford County
Hawthorne Road reconstruction in Alachua County
I-10, U.S. 129 interchange in Live Oak Lighting Project
I-75 from south of Williston Road to south of Northwest 39th Avenue
I-75 ITS from Archer Road to Georgia
Interstate 10 ITS installation
Starke Truck Route
SW Williston Road Resurfacing Project
U.S. 221 in Perry Resurfacing
U.S. 301 resurfacing project in Starke
U.S. 41 landscaping in Lake City
U.S. 441 in Columbia County Resurfacing
U.S. 441 resurfacing project through Alachua, High Springs

Renee Brinkley
You can contact Renee Brinkley about the following projects:

U.S. 17 Widening – South of County Road 209 to west of Dunn’s Creek Bridge

Leigh Ann Bennett
You can contact Leigh Ann Bennett about the following projects:

Cedar Key Bridge Replacement
Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail
Proposed construction of State Road 313
State Road 21 from CR-218 to Black Creek Improvements

Hampton Ray
You can contact Hampton Ray about the following projects:

First Coast Expressway Extension from I-10 to Beaver Street
First Coast Expressway from I-10 to N. of Argyle Forest Blvd
First Coast Expressway from N. of Argyle Forest Blvd to Blanding Blvd
First Coast Expressway from Shands Bridge to I-95
First Coast Expressway from State Road 21 to St. Johns River
I-295 Express Lanes from I-95 to the Buckman Bridge
I-295 Express Lanes from SR 9B to JTB
I-95/I-295 North Interchange Reconfiguration
Main Street Bridge mechanical and electrical repairs
State Road A1A (3rd Street) Drainage Project

Ron Tittle
You can contact Ron Tittle about the following projects:

Buckman Bridge Safety Study
I-95 Landscape and beautification of the U.S. 17 interchange
I-95 landscaping underway near Georgia line
Interstate Wrong Way Push Button project
San Jose Boulevard (SR13) at Haley Road Lighting project

Craig Teal
You can contact Craig Teal about the following projects:

Fort George/Batten Island trail and trailhead Public Meeting
Timucuan Trail Projects Public Information Meeting

Jeff Daugharty, PE
You can contact Jeff Daugharty, PE about the following projects:

Atlantic/University Boulevard Intersection Safety Improvements Public Notice

Stephen Browning, PE
(386) 961-7455
You can contact Stephen Browning, PE about the following projects:

Starke Railroad Overpass Study Public Hearing
SW 62nd Blvd PDE Study
West Newberry Road Public Information Meeting

Sara Pleasants
You can contact Sara Pleasants about the following projects:

Baymeadows Road Intersection Improvement
Blanding Boulevard (SR 21) Widening and Reconstruction From Allie Murray Road to Long Bay Road (CR 220A)
County Road 218 Lane Resurfacing
Dunn Avenue (State Road 104) Resurfacing from Biscayne Boulevard to I-295
Edgewood Avenue (State Road 111) Resurfacing from Old Kings Road to New Kings Road (U.S. 1)
Emerson Street (SR 126) Resurfacing from Hendricks Avenue (SR 13) to Philips Highway (US1)
Fleming Island Street Lighting Improvements
I-295 and 103rd Street interchange improvements
I-295 at U.S. 17 PD&E Study
I-295 Bridges Over CSX Railroad
Kingsley Avenue Signalization Upgrades
Landscaping at I-295 and 103rd Street (S.R. 134)
SR 116 (Wonderwood Drive) – Intracoastal Waterway Bridge Repairs
SR 116 (Wonderwood Drive) Resurfacing from Sand Castle Lane to Mayport Road
State Road 13 (Hendricks Ave. / San Jose Blvd.) Resurfacing
State Road 15 (U.S. 17) Resurfacing from State Road 16 to Sweat Road
State Road 21 Bridge Replacement Over Black Creek South Prong
U.S. 17 at State Road 16 Intersection Improvements
University at Merrill Road Roundabout Public Hearing

Amy Williams
You can contact Amy Williams about the following projects:

Bridge Replacement Projects in Bradford County Public Meeting

Peter Vega
You can contact Peter Vega about the following projects:

Monica Reifeiss
You can contact Monica Reifeiss about the following projects:

State Road 55 Proposed Median Modifications Public Hearing