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Flashing Yellow Arrow — What you need to know

Motorists across the United States have been introduced to a new traffic signal, the flashing yellow arrow.

What is a flashing yellow arrow?
It is a new type of signal placed over a left turn lane at a signalized intersection where one of the signal indications is a flashing yellow arrow. Other signal indications shown are the green arrow, yellow arrow and red arrow. The flashing yellow arrow reminds drivers to yield to oncoming traffic when turning left.

Why is it a better left-turn signal?
Studies by the Federal Highway Administration show that the flashing yellow arrow reduces crashes at intersections by providing a clear distinction between when left-turning motorists are protected from oncoming traffic and when they must yield. It also helps move more traffic through an intersection, provides flexibility in traffic management options and is a low-cost safety measure to help prevent crashes.

How do they work?

  • Red arrow means STOP and remain stopped. No left turns allowed.
  • Yellow arrow means prepare to stop or complete your left turn if you are in an intersection.
  • Flashing yellow arrow means left turns allowed. Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The oncoming traffic has a green light.
  • Green arrow means GO. It is safe to turn left, oncoming traffic must stop.

Where will these signals be installed?
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will be installing flashing yellow arrows at various locations throughout the state on a case by case basis.

In Northeast Florida, FDOT is currently working on a project to install the flashing yellow arrow signal at two intersections in St. Johns County on State Road 312 at Sgt. Tutten Drive and at the Harbour Island community. This project should be completed in March.


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Roads Affected:
Roads: State Road 312
Counties: St. Johns
Cities: St. Augustine
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